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Created By Therapists,
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The first full service therapy software solution of its kind.

Fully Functioning
Offline Version

The cloud is great, as long as you have internet access. Our offline works all the time.
I love being paperless.
Everything is at my fingertips. I have everything I need easily accessible. TherapySync's customer support addresses our needs and changes quickly.

- Andi
I have used many systems and Therapy Sync is the best.
It's obvious that this product was created By therapists and For therapists. The interface is very helpful and the system gives our therapists a lot of independence. Every time I have called TherapySync I get a quick resolution to my issue.

- Lee
Extremely versatile and very user-friendly!
The support team is responsive and always accessible. The product is so easy to use! I love the different options that we have been given for custom reports that fit our needs and the things that we need to track here in our office. Overall, life has gotten a lot easier since we started using this product.

- Briana


The first full-service therapy software solution of its kind.

Everything In One Place

Manage referrals, certifications, notes, compliance, and paperwork effortlessly.

We're Focused On Compliance

With frequently changing medicare requirements, we worry about compliance so you don't have to.

Adapts To The Way You Work

TherapySync allows you to maintain your current work flow patterns.

Ever Improving

When the Home Therapy industry calls for changes, we incorporate our customer suggestions to update and improve our product in a way that better serves you.

Compliance Ready

Successfully supporting thousands of agency accreditations and surveys including ACHC, JCAHCO (Joint Commission) and CHAP.

It's easy to get started with TherapySync

1. Experience a software demonstration
2. Get our help to ensure you have the right business structure
3. Get contracts with your home health agency
4. Receive training and implement the software
5. Go to work


We are contract therapists who have always believed that there should be an easier way to meet the guidelines of this consistently changing industry - so we created one. TherapySync is the first software of its kind, created by therapists for therapists.

Our software streamlines the jobs of both therapists and agencies to make life easier and business management more efficient. Meeting with patients along with the complex demands of the contract therapy world, yields little time for a break in the day.

With over 15 years in the business, we understand the risks that these time requirements can put on maintaining your current client list and growing your business. We have been customers of our own product for over a decade, and we are constantly using our knowledge of the industry and customer feedback to improve our software.

We will ensure that you have the right business structure and legal documentation to secure contracts with your home health agency. Our representatives will implement the software and train you to use it effectively, so you can get to work!

Don't risk capping your business growth for lack of time. Stop feeling overwhelmed with paperwork and the complexity of the ever-changing regulations. Give yourself the ability to manage referrals, certifications, notes, compliance, and paperwork effortlessly by implementing the most developed software of its kind. See how TherapySync can improve your business and work proficiency with a quick demonstration in the link below.


Get Started

$100 Initiation
Includes consultation for developing your business with the proper contracts and forms, as well as getting therapists and agencies on your team.

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$100 per month
Monthly subscription includes:
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What is "business as usual" costing you?

We are all too familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed by the management and complexity of the contract therapy business. When communication, paperwork, scheduling, and dealing with patients are all on your shoulders, the workload seems never-ending. Without the proper software, you're stuck doing tedious tasks while the rest of the world enjoys their lunches and weekends.
Move beyond fax machines and paperwork. We have discovered how to make work in the contract therapy business manageable in a way that has propelled many businesses that use TherapySync, including our own. Get in touch and experience a demonstration of our software.
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Rodney Morgan, Chief Executive Officer
Rodney is a true family man with wife and 4 kids. He's a passionate Physical Therapist to the core. As a Texas Tech graduate, he started out as a staff Physical Therapist in a rehab facility and later opened his own contract therapy company in 2003, Dynamic Therapy Services. After building a team of 60 therapists in 4 major cities, he had a vision to create TherapySync and continues to drive its success. While in the U.S. Navy, he always dreamed of flying and finally became a multi-engine/instrument rated pilot in 2012 where he loves to fly around taking care of patients and customers. Rodney still owns and works in his contract therapy company where he performs evals & treats patients on a weekly basis.